Monday, August 29, 2011

Sprint Gets New Iphone 5

The number three U.S. cell company, Sprint, has finally worked out a deal with Apple to use the upcoming new iPhone 5, something that I predicted would happen for the Iphone 6, when it is realeased this coming fall. Note it will be most likely at the end of October. We all know and heard the Apple rumor of it revealing itself at the end of next month. However you can expect this from Apple. If I did have one con against their progress it would have to be that they continually push their engineering team to complete new models faster and faster. They set a projected date and publicize it as if set in stone. Thus iPhone 5 release date could be late october or don't be suprised if it was even early november. One last tid bit on this subject is that the tentative date for the new iPhone 6 will be dropping in late in the summer of next year, don't say I didn't tell you so but Im betting they will hold off their best and game breaking device yet with a december release or late november. Allowing for Apple to shatter sales record with this timely releases because a record breaking sales product the new iPhone 6 is what it will be and will reap massive good plubicity and stronger market value for Apple.

Now back to the real story here. Sprint is going to be an execellent fit here for the iPhone 5 because if one key factor. That is there 4 G network has been showing great reviews and this is what Apple will need for a good stable 4G network with the future iPhone 6 model. Apple realizes 4G will be the next standard and what a better test subject than Sprint. Sprint's 4G network is currently outperforming Verizon and AT & T. Now I do see this changing in the future with Verizon probably having the best one of the lot, but Verizon (AT&T also) pushed the 4G experience to fast, they didn't wait for a polished gem and current users gave many complaints about the shoddy 4G network, my guess is they rushed out satelites a little to premature and now have to upgrade again which can be costly. Yet Sprint got it right the first time. And now is in partnership with Apple to help.them seriously close the gap of the number three spot and solidify themselves. Even replacing AT and T for number two as many argue a good point in the solid popularity of the "android invasion". Droid phones are performing extremely well in the market now and in appears to be steady trend graphically speaking. And the other big factor to this possible shake up is that the windows phone have not really stood out as the game changer that AT & T promised. With Sprint having both great Droid alternatives and the big daddy himself, the iPhone 5, expect a great year of productivity out of Sprint with the iPhone 6 coming up, it seems logical they will have try to have an Ace up their sleeve, for example a possible stable 5G network. As always subscribe, read and comment for the lastest in iPhone news.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Ten Reasons why You shouldn't buy the iphone 5 and get the iphone 6 next year

1. Waiting just a year will allow you to use your upgrade policy or early upgrade policy Which in turn gives you a killer deal a new iphone 6 coming late september 2012.

2. The iphone 5 will host only dual core processor chip In the iphone 6 have a quad core processor which will allow for much faster speeds.

3. Apples engineers missed the jump for the iphone 5's 4 g network experience  which the iphone 6 will now host 4 g speeds or a 4 g network indefinitely.

4. The iphone 6 will host the only 3 d mobile version of the iphone and should host the only mobile projection system, which is currently making a whole lot of buzz on the web.

5. The iphone 6 will have a patented new changeable topograhy innovation which allows 3D experience to be even more visually breathtaking. This is something if you are interested, that posted in detail about on an earlier post.

6. The iphone 6 will be much lighter and thinner than all other versions of the iphone. Making a slick and sleek design that we have not witnessed before in an iPhone.

7. The iphone six will be the first mobile device that is eco-friendly. Again refer back to my earlier post for more info.

8. The iphone 6 will have new modifications made it to the screen improving sensibility, temperature touch and improving the durability of the new graphene ioplast polymer screen

9. This should be my number 1 if it was a confirmed iphone 6 feature but the iphone 6 should have new wireless capability making it completely cableless and wireless charging included.

10. There is a strong rumor going around that the iphone six not the iphone 5 will be available for more servers and networks other than verizon and at&t as apple no longer produces its own our it makes sense apple should branch out and accrew for increased sales with other networks like sprint.

The Main Reason I want people to be patient here is because the iPhone 5 is going to dissapoint, its that simple.they simply just rushed the development of the new iPhone and I don't think its fair to have people get caught up in the hype and have an iPhone that doesn't deliver. There will not be serious upgrades here other than the A5 chip and a better front and back camera. Apple was even considering renaming the new upcoming iPhone 5 to the iPhone 4S. Its really not Apple's fault they simply just didn't have enough time to produce a game changing phone. So don't get roped into the craze of buying the newest Apple product and really be satisfied with a game changer, the iPhone 6, which will be the future of how mobile devices should be.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Apple is on Hold For Implementing 4G to New iPhone 6

Apple has been patiently waiting for the 4G technology to catch up to its hype. From many reviews of new Android users the 4G experience doesn't exactly coincide with Verizon and other Cell Companies Online and television advertisements of The incredible 4 g speeds. Now the reason why apple has been holding off on this technology Is simply because they're 3g network is just as fast is 4 g speeds. Now the iphone 5 was to have the 4 g experience But it seems apple is going to hold off until the iphone 6 releases next year in 2012. Apple is assuming by next year they should have all the 4 g kinks worked out of the system before releasing the iphone 6 next summer. Unfortunately apple is in the mercy of the verizon and at&t's progress with 4 g networks. Now apple has full intention to release the 4 g experience into the iphone 6 and this will happen by next year. Apple is simply playing it smart untill 4 g experience becomes a more competitive feature and 4 g networks harbor much faster speeds unlike the complications that verizon and at&t are currently going through. Now originally a year ago apple was really supposed to release the iphone 5 with this 4 g technology but as their cdma chips are much faster on 3g networks it seems only plausible that they will hold off until the iphone 6 has a much more compatible 4 g network for incredible speed like that advertised. But iphone 6 aficionado's if you're worried fear not the iphone 6 will indeed have 4 g network capability however apple is just holding off until the 4 g networks deliver on their promises.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Iphone 6 projection system a serious possibility

The engineers at Apple are once again taking things to the next level with upgrades to the upcoming new iPhone 6. According to the patent submissions from the Apple corporation, they have been pushing for a new projection system technology. This technology was first rumored on the upcoming iPhone 5 release but it seems that Apple will.wait until next year for this technology on the upcoming iPhone 6 release. Many mobile devices have been dabbling in this projection system tecnology and Apple.wants to get this right so there is as little user complications as possible. What makes things interesting is the patent they are currently working on. This technology would allow the iPhone 6 to project movies, video files, and business presentations straight from the iPhone device making this upcoming iPhone 6 an invaluable asset for anyone. The good thing is that by Ned year Apple should have all the links worked out to have this patented and operational. Making the growing list of new features a sure fire bet for top mobile device of 2012 and trumping all previous sales records for Apple, AT&T and Verizon.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

NEW Changeable Topography Technology Set for Iphone 6

Big news from the Apple rumor mill that is steadily gaining credability is actually from a previous iphone 5 rumor from a year ago. This is brand new innovation from the engineers from Apple. What they are calling it is the new Changeable Topography technology. Now this will revolutionize the way users interact with their touchscreen devices. Thusly Apple is working hard as we speak to get this new innovation patented, which we all know can take years hence the steadfast rush to keep this gem all only for Apple devices. If they can pull our this patent within the upcomig months it could create a serious gap in quality between Apple's devices and the Android invasion.

I'll give a quick explanation of why this will be different than the HTC Android 3D smart phone equivalent and why a patent is necesary to protecting Apple's profit and reasearch and development. What sets "Changeable Topography" apart is that it selective. Plain and simple, when the iPhone 6 drops next year, users will have the choice to manually select what parts of the screen they would like to "pop out" off the screen and the Apple techonology will be intelligent enough to dim and "lower" the rest of the screen to enhance exactly what is being projected in 3D for Apple users. If Apple can get push through this patent within the year this will make the Apple brand the only devices with such techonology and keep them many steps ahead of the competition.

Now what "Changeable Topography" is quite literally in the definition of the word. While all touchscreen devices have some aspects already similar in background formatting, the iPhone 6 will be the first phone to have certain images on the screen elevate in 3D fashion to highlight its importance. Likewise the iPhone 6 will have irrelevant background clutter on screen "deflate" to give the user a more aesthetically appeasing experience. Where this technology will really come into play and be heralded is on internet browser applications and video and game media. Imagine watching a video where you not only have the option to zoom in but also lift the particular image off the screen, while subsequently all other aspects are lowered. The age of 3D is here and the iPhone 6 will have the top of the line "changeable topography" patented and ready to dazzle its users. As always stay posted for more information and news on the upcoming iPhone 6 features and specs.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finally A Phone Made For MotherEarth- Iphone 6 Possibly the First Completely Eco Friendly Cellular

Let's take a look at some of the new enviro-friendly features of the most anticipated Apple release to date; as Apple goes green in more ways than one.

The Iphone 6 will have a new graphene touchscreen for its users which means no heavy metals in the compound's makeup, instead the touchscreen will be comprised of an atom-desnse polymer so it will actually be thinner than the previous Iphones as well. And this benefits the users as it will be much more responsive to tracing and drawing on the new graphene touchscreen.

Lithium begone. Apple will be introducing the state of the art organic radical battery (ORB) newly desinged and patented by Japan's NEC. Thus replacing the old lithium ion battery compound which include harmful heavy metals in its makeup. Like above its eco-friendly qualities are just a subequent benefit as the new ORB batterys will show off the Iphone 6's new insanely fast recharge duration of about 30 secounds!  What's even better is that this little guy of a battery will be packing more of a punch as the new Iphone 6's ORB battery will have a much higher energy density.

And the cherry on top will be the new Apple case made of platic materials. Say goodbye to the polycarbonate casing and hello to the newly engineered isoplast polymers, consisting of naturally produced plastics making the fram more bio-degradable. Again the move here by Apple was also improve durabilty as these new isoplast polymers will be able to withstand harder fall...and throws :).

These advancements are just many in the new upcoming Iphone 6, release date info and more features on the way, just stop by the site and you'll be the first to know.

What the New Iphone 6 Will Bring To The Table- Features, Upgrades and Accessibility

The New Iphone 6 will revolutionize the ease of access that has plagued so many Iphone users in the past, Apple is claiming that it will be much more Iphone illiterate friendly with a wide array of quick walkthroughs and instructionals. Although not much is known at this time what the exacts are to this extent I will keep you posted on this growing development.

More importantly is the rumor turned truth, the Iphone 6 will be hosting an A6 Processor. To those of you who might not know exactly what that will entail, I will explain it to you. We all know the A5 processor will be running the show for the Iphone 5 model; which will be exponentially faster than our beloved Iphone 4. However the New Iphone 6 will take it to the next level in processing speed as the both A4 and A5 models are as we know are dual core processors. However Apple is pulling out the big guns for the Iphone 6 making it a  Quad Core Proccessor which is unheard of the mobile phone kingdom. What this means for the users is that it will be able to host numerous apllications running at the same time with virtually no speed reduction. This will be an absolute must have for the not enough time in the day challenged busy bodies of the world. So to those of whom have the Ipad 2 right now running of A4, the Iphone 6 will have a lightning fast speed with double the core processing and more than half the size and weight; all coming out in a year and halfs time....That's Apple for you and it shows as they made moves today in the business world as well by passing the Exxon Mobile as the strongest publicly owned company.